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5 applicants
posted over 8 years ago

Job Description

Welcome to the virtual interview for the retail sales associate position.  During this interview you will be asked to record your video responses to our interview questions.  Our online interview allows us to expedite the hiring process.  When you are ready:

1)  Click INTERESTED to create a free account. 

2)  Take a profile picture and review each interview question.

3)  Click RECORD ANSWER to respond using the alotted time for each question.

4)  You can review your answers and re-record before moving to the next question.

5)  When you are finished click SEND TO EMPLOYER

Thank you for participating in our short pre-interview process.  We will contact you for next steps.

If you are not using a comptuer with a Web cam, you can download the JobOn mobile app for use on your Android, Apple, or Amazon mobile device by clicking on the appropriate link for your device.